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Just got burned a 2nd time by ACT attempting to upgrade

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Just got burned a 2nd time by ACT attempting to upgrade

Last year, they cooked up the scheme to force upgrades from older version of ACT by claiming that the Protexis licensing server was no longer functional (yeah, right!).  Now I just got burned again when I attempted to upgrade the computer hosting the publisher database.  After completing the complete uninstall of a fully-licensed ACT V16.3 (and SQL Server 2008 R2), I installed ACT v21.1, expecting to have a 30-day trial to allow me to upgrade the databases and install the same ACT upgrades to the remote computers, but instead was greeted with "30-day trial expired"!  I had tested this successfully on a test publisher and test remote computer without any issued, but on the computer that matters (the production machine), this *&^% happens!


Initially, tech support suggested that I remove the ProgramData\ACT folder, but that failed to fix the problem.  After that, the tech said that since at one time (and they are probably right about this), I had a trial version that had expired.  Several years ago when v16 came out, I had installed a trial that had expired while trying to solve numerous issues with it.  I ended up purchasing several licenses so I had no way of knowing that several years later, I would NEVER BE ALLOWED AN ACT TRIAL ON THIS COMPUTER EVER AGAIN!


Now I'm forced to scramble to purchase licenses, with no way to reverse course.  Now no one can run ACT since the publisher database can't be accessed and the remotes still have the old version of ACT.


This is a TERRIBLE WAY TO DO BUSINESS and I feel I compelled to warn other users of their treachery.  I wouldn't be surprised if the forum censor/moderator will delete this post, even though it's completely factual.

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Re: Just got burned a 2nd time by ACT attempting to upgrade

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I have several ACT! 6.x databases, which I wanted to try to upgrade with a trial version of ACT! Pro, to see if that would be successful, and also to evaluate the newer versions' performance to decide if upgrading would be worthwhile.  However, in only a few hours on the same day, after repeated database upgrade attempts which failed with SQL and other BS .dll errors, and uninstalling and reinstalling ACT! Pro v19 and v22, I get nothing but "trial has expired" messages.  So not only did NONE of my perfectly fine ACT! 6.x databases upgrade successfully, but I cannot even continue to try!  (BTW, version 22 no longer shows the .dbf database upgrade option, but you can enter "*.dbf" in the Open Database dialogue to still access / trigger it.)  Clearly, the companies behind all the newer versions of ACT! have worked hard to earn their horrible reputations, and have lousy QA folks, architects, etc.  Due to this fiasco of now wasting hours of my time, I will be sticking with ACT! 6.x for the foreseeable future, and will install and run that inside an older Windows version virtual machine if and when necessary.  Swiftpage will certainly not be getting a penny from me, as they just don't know what they are doing with ACT! Pro, and a subscription (so-called "Premium") does not and never will interest me, as I cannot allow my contacts data ever to be in a "hostage" situation to such an unreliable company and software history.  If the day comes when I must "upgrade," I will certainly go with the best alternative from one of their competitors.

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Re: Just got burned a 2nd time by ACT attempting to upgrade

I must admit I still use ACT 6 for some personal data like Christmas card list etc and have bent some of the codex to work with later versions of bits of office.


Regarding installing on Windows 10 etc I wrote an article some time ago which seemed to help people so have linked it below.