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Issues with Act for Web v16 - filtering lists, scheduling tasks etc

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Issues with Act for Web v16 - filtering lists, scheduling tasks etc

Hi All,


We recently upgraded to ACT v16 using a hosted server, as part of which we now have Act for web which I was hoping to use for sales people who are on the road a lot (to promote regular input of histories and updates to opportunities vs the normal sync via the windows app).


I have found that while the mobile phone version (IOS and Android) has some functionality limitations it does work as expected and pretty well, with some clever features (such as automatically creating a history when a contact is called via Act).


However using Act for web via computer (windows 7 laptop and recommended Chrome browser) there is some frustrating issues; a few I can think of now are:


  • When filtering a list, such as a task or history list, the filter does not seem to apply every time or even at all some times. Sometimes it takes selecting the filter criteria twice;
  • Creating a task and scheduling it for someone else; when you press the 'schedule for' button a new window opens to select the person for who you are scheduling a task, but when you select 'ok' the window closes and the new task is gone also.
  • Views generally not refreshing when filters are applied.


I was wondering whether these sorts of bugs, which aren't really acceptable for an established commecial product imho, have been addressed by updates that our reseller needs to apply? When I enquired re the issues re Act for Web I was told that 'we got it for free' as a bonus so have no real claim to have the issues resolved. Reality is one of the key factors in the decision to upgrade was web/mobile functionality.


Wondering if others have experienced issues such as the above, and if there are actually updates to Act for Web that need to be applied to the server installation periodically?  Thanks in advance for any input.