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Issues After Installing SP1

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Issues After Installing SP1

After update to ACT! 2010 Premium SP1 Hotfix ! we are experiencing long wait times for the ACT login box to appear. This is happening on all machines. This morning I also discovered something that could be related.


On one of the updated workstations I noticed that all of the Microsoft Office 2007 icons were not showing their default icon, but an icon that usually indicates an unassociated program. All of the applications still launched and did not seem to be affected. After researching online, I found a post where the issue was caused by a missing folder in the C:\Windows\Installer folder. I compared the folders and files in that location on the affected machine to another like machine and found that many folders were missing. Replacing the folders corrected all but Word and Excel icons.


I tried several other fixes, but could not restore the Word and Excel icons. Since this particular machine is not currently being used by anyone I was fairly certain this was caused by the ACT Upgrade to SP1 Hotfix 1.


To test the theory I restored the computer to the day before the upgrade. To make sure the restore worked I launched ACT to confirm that it had reverted back to version 12.0.409.0, Hotfix 4. It did, but what has me perplexed is that I was able to log in to our current database. The database was updated, or converted to version, Hot Fix 1.


It was my understanding that the database could not be accessed by any client of a lower version. Wondering if something is not quite right with the update. Should I be able to connect using a previous version?


Other issues we are experiencing include: Slow Outlook response; Outlook takes much longer to open; attaching documents such as Word or Excel to email messages is extremely slow. I have not been able to confirm that these are related to the ACT update, however, they started immediately after the update.


Some information about our system: Exchange 2007 is running on a dedicated Server 2008 machine. Our workstations are a mix of Windows 7 and XP. The XP machines have 2 GB of Ram, the Windows 7 have 4 GB of Ram. We are running mostly Office 2007, with a few installs of 2003. ACT is installed on a Server 2008 using SQL 2008 Standard.


On several workstations we intermittently get the error that ACT Outlook Service is not running and then get the error System.OutofMemoryException was thrown.


I was working with someone on the installation of SP1 and previously sent this message as a reply. I am reposting as a new question since it is no longer related to getting the intall to work.


Is there any help for all of the issues I believe are a result of the upgrade?