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Issue with database set to "Recovery" in Actdiag

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Issue with database set to "Recovery" in Actdiag

Hi folks.


    We've got a user on ACT Premium 16 using a remote database.  The problem is that when they reboot, they can no longer access the database - in ACTdiag, it is marked as being in a recovery state.  I looked at ACT help, but decided that the easier solution was to cut them a new remote database - so now they have two remote databases on their machine.


  Here's the weird part.  When they shut down and restart the computer, whatever database they were using gets marked as "Recovery" - but the other database is now fine.  So they can switch databases on alternate days, which sort of works as a workaround.


But what the heck is going on that shutdown of the computer would cause the database that was open that day to be marked as Recovery (and thus become not openable by ACT) - but would fix the other database?




John Collier


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Re: Issue with database set to "Recovery" in Actdiag

I've never heard of this kind of behavior before. Given that the SQL server controls the database my guess (definitely a SWAG) is there are problems with the SQL server or the ACT! instance. This a bit painful but i'd be tempted, because it is a remote database, to uninstall ACT! and the SQ: server including the ACT! instance and then reinstall ACT! and create a new remote database.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Issue with database set to "Recovery" in Actdiag

Has anyone set up ACT scheduler to run re-indexing/repair each night on the remote? Turning off during this might cause the problem.