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Issue with Outlook email history - Recording duplicates

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Issue with Outlook email history - Recording duplicates

Hello all, 


I've got a pretty big issue with Act Premium hosted.... I just setup my database and connected it to outlook 2016. 

I run Imap email in paralell with google mail for my account, and record history from both. I also managed to do a quick attach to about 5k emails from  before I was using ACT, and get them all to record into the system quite smoothly. I'm running a windows 7 machine, and haven't had any conflicts between the google integration and the Outlook integration. 


I setup a remote database on my partner's machine yesterday with the exact same software.

Practically copy/pasted the settings to it would run the same way. 


There's a *major* issue in that her outlook history is recording in duplicate, triplicate, and in some cases 10x. 


To my knowledge, the only difference between the two setups is that she's running Windows 10 and I'm running windows 7. 


I've seen a couple of KB articles about windows clock being out of sync. that doesn't apply.

Otherwise I'm not seeing too much on the subject. 


Anyone have this issue, any insights, etc? My only inclination is to have her wipe the machine and install Windows 7. 

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Re: Issue with Outlook email history - Recording duplicates

Hi spencerAllen,


Just to confirm, are you running both Outlook and Google integration? What are you syncing on either? Just email history or calendar also?
We've seen this duplicate history behaviour before for Google integration, and there is a solution in KB 28521, but this won't apply for Outlook.


On the Windows 10 machine, are you certain that the history is being recorded by the outlook integration?
Does Outlook also have the Google account set up in it?
Is the same outlook mailbox set up on multiple machines?

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Re: Issue with Outlook email history - Recording duplicates

Thanks for the response, Gary!

This is only recording email, and on the win10 machine it's just the gmail account/outlook mailbox.