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Is this possible?

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Is this possible?



I am looking into getting ACT! for my small business. Currently I want to have 4 managers using this program together, but we are all in different locations.  2 of the managers are in Los Angeles, 1 in San Diego and the other is in Denver.  I am looking into creating a database that we can all login to so that any information on the projects we do is stored on a server (one of the managers computers), and is updated by each manager having their own Username. Everytime any manager adds new information, it is seen by the other 3 in realtime, or updated in realtime. Each of the Managers is running Windows XP Home, Pro or Windows Vista.


Is it possible to do this by creating a server on one of those machines and running that as the host? If this is not possible, is it possible to have one of those computers be the host, and the other 3 can at least login through their computers and update the database with the new information from the host computer without using it realtime? I am fine if one of the computers inputs all the data, and the other 3 computers at least get the updated information...but cannot add further information to the database.


I guess what I truly want to figure out is what my options are for this?  Would I need to create a VPN? A Webserver via Windows Server 2003? or is it possible to get this all done via Windows XP/Vista and setup through some sort of server through those?


Thanks for your input and time.


Eric Edwards

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Re: Is this possible?

Your options are:

1. Install ACT! on a Terminal server or Citrix server to provide real time access to ACT! for all users.

2. Use ACT! Premium for Web as a hosted databse on your own server or one of the ACC (ACT! Certified Consultant ) companies that provide for hosting.

3.Use the synchronisation capability of ACT! to provide all users with a copy of the database. Not real time as per the above, but depending on what period you setup the scheduled  synchronisation to occur, could provide the results you are looking for.   

Graeme Leo
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