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Internet sync error

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Internet sync error

Here is the scenario that I have…


I am able to use internet sync to synchronize the Act Demo database, so I know that the internet sync is working correctly.

I restored a database from a different production server and created the remote database.  I installed the remote database on a client.  When I attempt to do a synch, I am receiving an error on the client. 


The error is  

======== SYNC SESSION - 1/21/2010 5:05:25 PM ========

 [ Info | 1/21/2010 5:05:25 PM ]Message: Sync remote client created.

[ Error | 1/21/2010 5:05:27 PM ]Message: Unable to acquire Sync Server object. Server Error Description: Failed to setup local sync entity. Datastore is inaccessible 


The one thing that I notice about the restored database is that there is a share that has been created and when the “server” has the database open, it is accessing the database through the share.  I can see that there are files open through the share via computer management.   To me, this looks like the restored database was once set up for network sync.   


I have added permissions (IIS user, anonymous, everyone) to the database and to the database folder.  I also added permissions to the Windows Share.  I have modified the xml file to contain the restored database. 


 Any assistance would be appreciated.