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Internet Sync...does it really work? And at what cost?

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Internet Sync...does it really work? And at what cost?

The lady who sold me the 5 licenses of Act Premium for 2000$ indicated that Internet Synchronization would be an easy thing to set up. 

She also indicated that Vista Home Edition would be compatible. Just one problem, Vista Home Edition does NOT support IIS.

So I went out yesterday and purchased Vista Ultimate....which supports IIS 7.0 for 300$. After spending the last three days in front of my computer, I still haven't been able to install the Internet Sync Services.The computer keeps rebooting before it can complete the installation. 

So I call the Act support line...which leads directly to India.The telephone line is so bad that you can barely understand what the other person is saying. 

They inform me that I need to configure IIS 7.0 in order to properly install the Internet Sync Services. I know nothing of this software...and the folks from India don't know anything about it either. They recommend I hire a specialist $$$ to configure IIS 7.0 and that I call them back after its been properly configured. 

They also inform me that I need to acquire a Public IP address to set up the Internet Sync Services.I contact my ISP which informs me that I need a business account to acquire a public IP address. Which means my internet fee would more than double (29$ to 69$ a month). 


Can someone clarify this mess please ?


If this is the real cost of Internet Synchronization, then I want my money back ASAP.

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Re: Internet Sync...does it really work? And at what cost?

You can set up sync via a third party provider. Check this knowledge base document.
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Re: Internet Sync...does it really work? And at what cost?

Thank you for the link, but time is money... After reading on IIS, on Internet Sync, On Network Sync, Calling in India, Calling my ISP, going through four stores to find and purchase Vista Ultimate, unfortunately, I no longer have time to read the instructions to a third party software. Act sales people just want to make a quick sale. And since they are not the ones answering the phone when we try to get the basic features of the software running, they couldn't care less. If you are going to sell software like this, you need to get your Act! together.  I paid an additional 200$ to add support to my act license. I expected someone to guide me step by step on the phone. I didn't expect to read all the literature that can be found on the internet. I've contacted one of your partners in the area. They are scheduled to pass by next Wednesday to complete the installation. This will cost me another 500$.  So far...Act has been a very expensive choice...and I think people should think twice before acquiring this software.  2000$ for 5 licenses including 1 year support (if only you offered support)300$ for Vista Ultimate (Home Edition does not support Internet Sync after all...)4 days of work lost reading stuff on your board, instructions, references, and talking to people in India.500$ of consultant fee to ultimately get your software working (because nobody from Act can guide me through the installation process)40$ a month of additional ISP fee to get a public IP address (which nobody mentioned when they sold me the software) Many unpleasant surprises which were summarized in a few words by your sales representative: Act is easy to install and to configure...
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Re: Internet Sync...does it really work? And at what cost?

Anything is easy if you know how..:-)

I do have sympathy with your view. Unfortunately ACT! is sold by some people as if it were as easy as installing a Windows Update. It isn't and particularly sync setup can be one of the most complex. As ACT! Consultants we constantly have to explain to people that yes there are some parts of ACT! that are easy, other parts are complex and requiring experience in how to do things with the best chance of success. Experience always has a price.     

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Re: Internet Sync...does it really work? And at what cost?

I know this thread is old, just posting for future searchers.  An alternative to a static ip is to use the services of lets you register a domain name and provides you with an updater to run on the PC which will keep the URL up to date with your latest ip address.  I don't work for no-ip, just have used the free version of their services in the past.