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Integrating remote DB with local DB

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Integrating remote DB with local DB

Hey guys, looking for some advice here.

A while ago we hired someone to work remotely, he is about 700 miles away.
We purchased ACT 2012 primarily for the ipad support for the remote guy, however the ACC that we hired to help us was unable to get the web version up and running... Definitely a let down btw.

What i ended up doing was adding him as a user to our local DB.  
I then ran a backup of the DB within ACT.
Sent him the backup file, and restored the DB onto his laptop.

Now here is the problem... We are trying to merge his ACT DB into our Database so that his changes will be reflected into the local DB.  How the heck can i go about doing this?

Looking for any input.

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Re: Integrating remote DB with local DB

Hey there


ACT really isn't designed to be used the way you have just mentioned.  I.e.. Merging contacts between 2 of the same databases. You can import or export contacts from one database to another.  It would be a very long and manual process.  Essentially you'd import all the contacts, it would create duplicates and you would then have to go through and merge the duplicate contacts!


I don't see why the APFW mobile version was unable to be setup by the ACC you enlisted to help, but I understand your disappointment.  He should have been able to do this, or found someone for you who can if he was not up to the task.


Really your other option for the remote user (other than finding someone that can setup the mobile version for you) is to have a VPN connection setup between your office and the remote user.  You many need to enlist the help of your IT services provider to setup the VPN for you.  Once this has been established its just a matter of creating  a remote database for the user who is working remotely.  His changes will then synchronizes back into your main ACT database.

Please see this article on how to create remote database:



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Re: Integrating remote DB with local DB

I know this post is likely out of date, but why would you not create a remote database??? It is an exact copy of the main database, with the ability to "Sync" the 2 together to create 1 updated database....