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Integrating another database for Sync

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Integrating another database for Sync

Hello Everyone,


I have a requirement to sync another database to my ACT. At present I have just created a new database for that purpsose which is working fine. However, while having two databases of contacts is manageable, having two calenders is a pain.


So, I want to integrate the new database into my existing database and sync only the data in the new database. That looks doable using Sync Sets. However, I'm having trouble getting my head around the mechanics of it as my ACT will be the remote database. The publishing database is the one offisite.


Can I create a remote database (for the new database) and then restore that within my existing database? Will sync sets then only sync the records related to the new database based on some criteria?





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Re: Integrating another database for Sync

You need to merge the data into the Publisher, then create a new RDB with a sync set defined around the new records.

Maybe adding a field to highlight the records from the 2nd database to make it easier to create the sync set is a suitable method?