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Installing ACT Premium 2009

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Installing ACT Premium 2009

How easy is it to install ACT Premium 2009?  We currently are using ACT Premium 2008.  We have the database on a server and about 10 workstations.  We also have 4 remote users.
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Re: Installing ACT Premium 2009

'How easy is it?'  As ACT! Certified Consultants we are often asked this question and obviously it is impossible to answer. If you have little experience with installing client server applications, networking principles and IP, firewall and general troubleshooting of IT systems then a response could be get somebody experienced in doing it. If an installation goes trouble free then you might say that it is easy. What really matters is what do you do when it goes wrong and do you have the time to put in to sort it out?


Because our business is ACT! when we get this question from prospective customers who are looking to do the installation work themselves we say we will support the work that we carry out. So there is no doubt that the risk is the customers and it can be that they end up spending a consultant's time to sort out an installation that has gone bad and then have to pay for the reinstalling. ACT! Consultants have access to private newsgroups on all aspects of ACT!, and their peer consultants around the world to get advice. You also benefit from their experience on getting it wrong themselves and the experience that comes from how to avoid the problem or do it better next time.


Software companies like Sage will attract more sales if the perceived install task is easy and risk free. So the messaging from the company isn't going to be 'We highly recommend you engage a qualified installer." Our general advice to people installing on a workstation or notebook is this:

If your computer is well maintained, is responsive and free of problems and you have 1GB RAM (Sage specify minimum of 512MB) then you are more than likely to have success. The most common factors that cause an install to have problems are user permissions, firewall, anti-virus and spyware applications.


For your own situation I would recommend you get an ACT! Consultant involved as you have a network environment and synchronisation. It is true to say that the upgrade from ACT! 2008 to 2009 is less troublesome than previous upgrades.


I hope that helps.     



Graeme Leo
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