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Installing 2009 with sql already installed

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Installing 2009 with sql already installed

I currently have sql 2005 installed on my computer for FAS and MAS500.  When installing ACT I get errors that it will not install, it lists two sql related files and to review the log.  When I click on the log I get an error that the program is not responding and it ends.  How do I install ACT when I already have sql installed? 


I have some general questions re: ACT and sharing the database.  I am used to sql being installed on a server, all databases are on the server and other computers just run the client app or workstation app. - similar to MAS90 and workstation setup.  It appears that you can only install ACT locally, but are able to share the database.  How is the database shared when it's installed locally or am I missing something?  I have ACT Premium for 5 users.  Also, if the database is not on the network drive what is the best practice for doing backups? 


I have reviewed all documentation that I can find re: ACT link for MAS90.  Is ACT link a separate installation and where can I access the install exe?  I have looked at the MAS website and ACT website and cannot find a download.  Is it included on the CD?  Is it even a separate installation or is it just activiated with reg codes?  If a separate install does it need to be installed on every workstation? 



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Re: Installing 2009 with sql already installed