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Installation issues and resolution of ACT premium V10

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Installation issues and resolution of ACT premium V10

First of all i'd like to say hi, this is my first post although i've browsed the topics on several occasions.


I though i would post this information as the issue has driven me mad until i eventually found the solution,


Our company has a number of field based sales people and they all have a remote database on their laptops.


The issue i have had is that on certain HP/Compaq laptops the installation of act premium(10) has failed with regards to installing the SQL. Some or part of SQL would install but during the installation i would get script errors.


After speaking to ACT support (UK) they provided me with the manual installation proceedure for installing SQL and attaching or creating the ACT7 element. In the past this has worked although its really inconvenient.


This was untill yesterday when i came across a HP/Compaq nc8430 (windows XP) which required ACT installing. This machine was reset to the origanol factory settings but neither through the standard installation sequence nor through the manual SQL installation could i get ACT to create or restore a remote database. Each time getting messages saying it could not connect or create the database.


Act (UK) could no longer help as they passed the buck onto Microsoft (as its an SQL issue) so next step was to have a look on this site. I read an article related to a similar problem that suggested i clean of the .net with a .net cleaner remove and reinstall ACT/SQL. I tried this but to no avail.


The .net preloaded with the laptop is version 1.1 and after uninstalling it was apparent that the .net was used with the ATI graphics software Catalyst Control Centre. I then removed this software and ACT/ SQL and rebooted. I then reinstalled ACT and SQL and both installed with no error messages. On testing ACT i can now create database and restore RDB's.




Be aware of the ATI catalyst control centre