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Individual User rights in Act Premium 2009

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Individual User rights in Act Premium 2009

So, I know I can go into the "Manage Users" section, and change a user from "Standard" to "Restricted", if I don't want them to do things like delete a contact. Is there a way to modify an individual's rights to allow certain features, without this process? Say I want them to be a Restricted user, but I also want them to have access to the "Task" feature?  Is there somewhere to turn on/off individual features for a certain user?



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Re: Individual User rights in Act Premium 2009

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No, there aren't any custom permissions to turn off/on features for users.  Below are the custom permissions that can be set on the users.


Custom permissions include:

  • Accounting link tasks - Lets the user install and use an Accounting/back-office link.
  • Handheld device sync - Lets the user synchronize ACT! with handheld devices.
  • Remote administration - Lets the user back up, restore, and check and repair a remote database they belong to.
  • Export to Excel - Lets the user export data in a list view to Excel.
  • Delete records - Lets the user delete contacts, companies, groups, activity series, notes, histories, opportunities, and secondary contacts the user owns.

Security Levels in ACT!


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