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Importing updated records into ACT

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Importing updated records into ACT

We have an ACT Database that we use to manage "drip" email campaigns. The data we store in the database is updated on a regular basis by exporting data from a different CRM system into ACT.


Is there a way to create a "key" field or record ID number field in ACT so that we are able to truly update existing records, rather than have ACT add duplicate records at each update?


I know it would be easier to manage this if we used ACT as the primary daily database that was used to update and maintain records, but that's not feasable at this time.


Any recommendations / advice is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Importing updated records into ACT

There are add-ons that allow you to create a UniqueID for this ... but you'd need the IDs to be with the same records in the other system.

Also what data are you looking to update in ACT!?
Depending on the data, you may need an addon. See: