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Importing to ACT 2009 Premium Database

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Importing to ACT 2009 Premium Database

We have several ACT 2009 Databases. Our goal is to merge them all into one. Thru testing we have cleared up issues with field discrepancies. In a test enviroment we have merged the databases, by importing into the so called main database. test results look good.


My problem is there are no reports that tell us what contacts were merged, added or had an issue. Talking with ACT support, they have informed there is none. My users were burned the 1st go around with the conversion from ACT 6.0 to ACT 2009. We fired the consultant and my IT staff took over. We have sucessfully converted 4 of the 8 Databases to ACT 2009 with out losing any contacts. The users goal is to have one Database.


I would feel a whole lot more comfortable if there was some report that would tell me what happened during the import. Does anyone else have a report or a way to verify the data being merged?





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Re: Importing to ACT 2009 Premium Database

Any such report would have to be done with a third party utility.. The importing in ACT! is good but is fairly basic without many additional options of feedback information. The utility that I use for complex imports is a program call Oak Merge. It may not provide everything you want but it does provide many more options and some additional feedback. Here is their URL

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