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Importing special characters in foreign languages

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Importing special characters in foreign languages

I am currently importing a .csv file from our website but having a few problems with special characters in foreign languages.


The user enters their details and requests specific literature/samples, this data is stored on the server until it is exported into a tab (or comma) delimited file with “quote” marks as a text qualifier.


However when I import into ACT! Premium 2008 (10.0) I find “Facultad Quimicas. Química Orgánica” actually comes out as … “Facultad Quimicas. Química Orgánica”.


The .csv file displays it correctly, but formatting of the special characters is lost on import.  Interestingly, copying and pasting in the correct special character does work, so I guess it is an import issue.


Is their anyway I can stop this from happening?