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Importing contacts from outlook 2007 to act premium 2008. Problems and errors

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Importing contacts from outlook 2007 to act premium 2008. Problems and errors

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Hi, 1. I am trying to import my contact folders (I have created several folders in outlook 2007 in order to group several categories of contacts) from outlook 2007 to act. For some reason act does not recognize the folders nor import the contacts in the folders and subfolders, but only the ones in the main contacts section. Anyone has a solution? 2. My idea was to import each folder from outlook 2007 to a particular group in act premium (I created the groups already). I can not find any way or tool to do so. 3. Act does not recognize telephone numbers with more than 10 digits. When importing an international number from outlook 2007 with 011 for direct international calling in front of the country code, act will convert the number into an error figure. Anyone has a solution? Thank you. I recently purchased act premium 2008 in order to find a practical solution for my small business crm. During the purchasing process act sales team seemed supportive and proactive now that I already purchased the software things are different... It took me almost 45 days to return from a trip and the 30 day free support period has ended... Add to that my surprise that I paid 300 something for my software and now act came up with version 2009... I don't even have my 2008 working and they are sending emails offering the improved version... I am disappointed. Is anyone happy using act? It's really hard to use this environment where drag and drop does not exist and where there are several compatibility issues.


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Re: Importing contacts from outlook 2007 to act premium 2008. Problems and errors

Importing from Outlook to ACT! - while there is an option under File Import, I prefer to (a) export the data to Excel, tidy it up, removing all the non-essential Outlook fields, and then import to ACT! or (b) use a 3rd party Utility (ITImport) to import the data.


Phone Numbers - there is a format for phone numbers, check this article in the ACT! online knowledgebase - 13813


Purchasing ACT! - generally if you purchase ACT! within 30 days of a new version being announced, you can receive a free update to the new version. You would need to check with your local Sage office.

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Re: Importing contacts from outlook 2007 to act premium 2008. Problems and errors

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Thanks for your response but it doesn't really help.

IMPORTING FROM OUTLOOK File import from Outlook does not work with contact folders. I've called Customer Service and this feature does not even work in Act 2009. Act is selling great Outlook integration... where is the integration? Integration would be to just drag and drop or to be able to import without all this impractical trouble. Exporting every folder to excel is not practical, plus ACT does not import directly to Groups. I purchased Act because it promissed to make my CRM easier, not because I want to spend hours on the computer researching forums. Act also promotes on it's website a third party utility... I already spent almost $400 on this "solution"... I do not want any more "practical solutions".

PHONE NUMBERS I also spoke to ACT customer service and there is no solution for importing phone numbers with more than 12 digits. The representative suggested that I could import those numbers to one of the user defined fields and took note of my "little problem" for improvement of future ACT editions.



Please notice that since my 30 DAYS SUPPORT PLAN expired, in order to be able to talk to ACT support about my problems I needed to pose as a "prospective buyer" and all my questions were answered (Before, I called as a customer and was instructed to purchase an "extended support plan")



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Re: Importing contacts from outlook 2007 to act premium 2008. Problems and errors

ACT! does offer Outlook integration mainly torwards email integration and limited calendar.  ACT! will only import contacts in the that are local or exchange.  Are these "contact folders" shared contacts from another user?  If so, thats the reason why they are not importing.


ACT! can import import phone numbers greater than 12 digits.  Just imported phone number: 123456789012345



If you would like to see enhancements to Outlook contact importing, please submit a feature request to be considered in a future version -