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Importing contacts - automatic linking to company

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Importing contacts - automatic linking to company

Hi there,


Being a relative virgin to ACT, please forgive me if this sounds like a dumb question. Is there any way when you import a list of contacts that also has the company name present, for ACT to automatically link the contact to an existing company that is already in the ACT database? Hopefully that makes sense to all you ACT gurus out there.


Appreciate your advice in advance.


P.S I am on ACT 2009 prem

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Re: Importing contacts - automatic linking to company

Unfortunately no, it's not an option without an add-on such as itImport -


You might post a request for this feature to be considered for a future version here -

Input from this web page goes directly into a database that management has direct access to read, and which they also track and gather statistics on. It also allows other users to vote on these so Sage can get an idea of the demand

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Re: Importing contacts - automatic linking to company

Hello applecrate,

If you have set up dynamic membership criteria for your existing Company records, then you should be able to have the imported contacts automatically link to the company. You would need to make sure that the fields you used for the dynamic criteria are also in your import file and that the data in those fields matches the criteria for the target company record. Also make sure those fields get mapped correctly during the import process. If you are not familiar with setting up dynamic membership criteria, please see KB 13884.



In ACT!, you have the dynamic membership criteria for ABC Company as:

Company Name = ABC Company

So, in your import file, make sure you have a column called "Company Name" and that for the contacts you want to have automatically link to ABC, that the value in that column is "ABC Company". So when the contact is created via the import, they will match the criteria for ABC Company and be dynamically linked.


Note: If you have many Company records and have not set up dynamic membership criteria for them, this will be a cumbersome task.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.