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Importing a database from Excel in Cyrillic

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Importing a database from Excel in Cyrillic

Hi All


Can anyone help?


My ACT! 2009 database is in Cyrillic (Bulgarian text) and I wish to import this text from an Excel file to the ACT! database.


It would be nice to translate the whole thing first but it does not matter as the templates I am using are also in Cyrillic so all contact data will be OK.


I have tried saving as Unicode but ACT! will not let me map the fields, even when I delete the columns (20 or so) to the pertinent data (email address, contact name and business name).


Any help?!


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Importing a database from Excel in Cyrillic into ACT



Inaport for ACT! can handle Unicode and other character sets. We have not actually tried to import Unicode into ACT, but it has certainly been used with other CRM systems.


You can get a free evaluation copy of Inaport from our website.


Any questions, pelase ask.



DAvid Evans

InaPlex - CRM Integration