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Importing Sales into ACT

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Importing Sales into ACT

I would like to import my sales from another system into ACT. 


I simply want to have a way for the Sales Rep to know that ABC company bought $x,xxx last month, and if possible have it for the cumlitive for the year.


I would provide a CSV with the company name and sales amount that could be imported each month....


Can I do something like this?




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Re: Importing Sales into ACT

That would require a thirf party importer like OakMerge.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Importing Sales into ACT

Oakmerge (which my business uses, is good) but really the best results are CSV (tab delimited).  We use salesgeni and five9 and have had no issues with that format with each.  Not that i'm an expert by any means.  Just giving my 2 cents.