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Importing Customer and Contact relationships

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Importing Customer and Contact relationships

I'm trying to do something that I thought would be a no brainer... clearly I have no brain.


I have two files. One is a list of all the companies. The second is a list of all contacts. A majority of the contacts work at companies on the company list. When I import, I wanted the Contacts to associate with the correct companiy. There does not appear to be a way to do this? I know I'm missing something.  I spent a few hours on the phone, and no one seems to have the answer I want. Anyone here know how I can do this?  


Customer Records 8794

Contact Record 42365


There is a CustomerID field on the contact record that ties to a column of the same name in the Customer table. I was told yesterday that I need to go in and for each company, link the contacts manually. I'm ready to pull the few hairs I have left out.


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Re: Importing Customer and Contact relationships

So you're not talking about the new Relationships area, but linking Contacts to Companies.


Do the Contacts have the same Company name as the Campanies you want them linked to?


The only way I usually do this is with an add-on called itImport - if you bring in the Companies first, it can auto link Contacts with the same name.