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Importing Contacts - Phone Number Formatting

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Importing Contacts - Phone Number Formatting

I'm able to successfully import contacts from a CSV and map the fields appropriately.  One problem, however, is that phone number fields are imported but Act! uses the free-form formatting for those numbers so the phone number appears all together without proper formatting.  For example, when you click on the "..." beside the phone number, it shows Format as "Free Form".


How do I change it so that imported phone numbers automatically use (%%%) %%%-%%%%.  I don't want to have to manually go into every entry to change this and I'll be importing over 1,100 contacts.


Is there a certain format that my CSV field/column needs to have for Act! to automatically use that phone format instead of free form?

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Re: Importing Contacts - Phone Number Formatting

Hi Jag,

Imported phone numbers will always use free form formatting, as it will import the number exactly as it appears in the CSV file.

You can work around this by replacing the phone formats for multiple records, as detailed in the following Knowledgebase article: