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Importing Client Account Balances

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Importing Client Account Balances

I have ACT 9.0 and I have love using it for the past year. I am a broker/financial planner and I am looking to get the account balances for my clients into their act pages. From my broker dealer, I am able to download a document in excel which lists every account (balance and type) that each client has. The issue is that the clients have multiple accounts.

The downloaded list looks like;


John Doe, TDA, 100

John Doe, IRA, 500

John Doe, NQ, 200

Abe Lincoln, NQ, 300

Abe Lincoln,TDA, 900

John Smith, NQ, 500

John Smith, IRA, 200

John Smith, IRA, 400

John Smith,  IRA, 600


Is there any possible way to get all of this data into act successfully?

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Re: Importing Client Account Balances



You may not like my answer as it may cost you money. In ACT 9 the only way I can think you could save(via import) to ACT is either a separate record for each account (Set de-dupe to Name and Account number during import) or bring in as a note (Import to notes) and may require a mult- pass import.    OR   ( And this is where it costs you.) -


Upgrade to ACT 11 which allows you to build a custom table for the client and import the information to the new table.


Cost are upgrade to ACT 11, Add-on to allow you to create a custom table + Add-on to import to custom table.


I expect that you will get some replies from SDK builders who can help you through the custom table etc but work out the total cost to see if the spend = the reward.


Good luck



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Re: Importing Client Account Balances

As Chip mentioned, if you really need this, and are willing to invest in the best solution...


With ACT! 10.02 or later (including 11.0) , you can create a custom table with itTables and then import the data (even automate it) with itImport