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Importing CSV

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Importing CSV

A little help on importing CSV if somebody could be so kind....


All of my contacts are assigned to companies. I have a CSV to import after a recent tradeshow, and they have contact names and associated companies. There are 70 to import.


Do i import them as companies first, and then afterwards re-import them as contacts ? Or will the import create both the compnay and the contact at the same time? What if some of the companies already exist in the dbase, what do i do then? I'm think maybe 10-20 of the companies already exisit, so is it better to import them as contacts and then either manually assign them to companies and where that doesnt exist, manually create company from contact?


Advice sought on best method please....


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Re: Importing CSV

YOu would need an addon piece of software to create the linnked companies.  Even if you import both the companies and the contacts, they wount be linked without add on software.

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