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Imported database missing State column

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Imported database missing State column

I have just imported a new databse and only realise afterwards that the "State" column was missing from the origional Excel file. Is there a way to add the State column to Act/Contact List on Act premium 11.1.183?

I can manually do it by hand however there are nearly 3000 contacts so it would be nice if I could do it automactically.

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Re: Imported database missing State column

The State field can be displayed in the Contact List View by selecting Options-Customise Columns.


You can populate the State (or any field really) with the Edit-Replace Field feature. This would place a value in the state field for all records selected.


A lookup by say Postcode would select a bunch of records and then use Edit-Raplace Field to update the State field for that lookup.

Neil Gilford
ACT! Certified Consultant
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