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Import problem

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Import problem



I'm using ACT Premium 2011 and i'm trying to update some fields of all my contacts (about 3500); I have a csv file with all my contacts/data and I'm using the import wizard to match the fields (including the "Contact" field).. when the merge options appear, I select in "Contact Records > Replace with source Contact" but when the process has done, it creates a new contacts with a empty Contact field and all the imported data.




I suppose when ACT detect the same contacts in the database, just replace de info in the selected fields

I'll try the "Contact Records > Merge" option too, with the same results..

Any idea?



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Re: Import problem

ACT!'s import can only add data to empty fields ... it won't update data that's already in fields unless you want to replace ALL the fields from the source.

To just update selected fields, you need an addon. I use itImport for that:
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Re: Import problem

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Hello AbZero,
It sounds like the issue may be your duplicate checking settings. The merge/update will only occur for contacts that are matched as duplicates. Go to Tools > Preferences > Admin tab, click Duplicate Checking, and make sure you have chosen at least 1 contact field to check duplicates on. Also, to clarify the "Replace with source contact" import option will replace data from the source for any fields you mapped during the import. This is is the option you would use when updating existing data. If you want to add data to empty fields for existing contacts, then use the Merge option.

Greig Hollister

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