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Import new fields with CompanyID

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Import new fields with CompanyID

I have exported from ACT2011 Premium  from CONTACTS the fields Company and Country.


Then I ran  a special  prg to find emails addresses for the empty email field, I now have a list of 1000  Company field and Email field in EXCEL and


was like         Johnson -United States- email  (empty)

should be      Johnson- United States- email


like to import that again into the ACT database  with Company name as the indentifier/ID.

Can I do this with the standard Import or do I need to work with addon.

Only the email-field-content  has to be imported, with Company as ID.

Thanks for help


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Re: Import new fields with CompanyID

If all the email fields are blank and being added, you should be able to import it with the standard import (you need an addon if you need to change info).

But, just using Company Name might be an issue if you have multiple records with same Company