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Import csv, missing fields bug ACT 11

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Import csv, missing fields bug ACT 11

I am Using ACT! by Sage Premium 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 1 and trying to import data and getting ?? random ?? fields that do not import.


I have exported all records from ACT to fix another import issue I created earlier.


I can import the data (12K records) and it updates most of them ok.

It however misses some fields on some records.

Because I am importing the ID/Status as one of the fields I do see in the history that the IDstutus has recieved the new data but it is not shown in the record.
i.e.  the history shows: Field ID/Status changed from "" to "1. Customer"
This is happenening on multiple fieilds on hundreds of records.

The mapping is picked up by the field names automatically as it is an exact export of the data prior to the change that I am trying to fix.



I have reduced the number of records in the CSV down to 3000 from 12000 and  I have seen some missing fields restored, but as you would imagin I dont know if they all are being fixed.


Is this a know issue ?, is thier a certain number of records that import more reliably ? ie Max 1000 ata time ??






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Re: Import csv, missing fields bug ACT 11

Can you find any patterns in either the values that are not importing and/or the target records to which the import in aiming?


Have you searched the knowledgebase at  There are numerous differing things somewhat similar in the KB articles...