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Import Problem for Contacts

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Import Problem for Contacts

We have successfully exported and imported from Excel - making changes to the contact records to fix issues. Import works but the History records are lost after the import. I presume this is due to the index key making a new record instead of updating the existing one.  For example, we had a few people add name records of"


"(NLT) Joe Smith"... and we just want it to be "Joe Smith"


We are trying to clean up date from Act 13 v 15 before moving it to the cloud. Is there any solution to this?

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Re: Import Problem for Contacts

ACT! is a multi table database, Excel is a single flat file. When you do the export you're only exporting the contact table which doesn't include the history.


What you want to do can be done but you need to use a third party program like OakMerge to do the export of the contact records and then merge the cleaned records with the original records in ACT to update the records contact records in the ACT! database and retain the links to the history etc.

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