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Import Outlook Public Calendar into ACT!

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Import Outlook Public Calendar into ACT!

We have been using Outlook for Exchange for a few years hoping to make it our CRM software but it just wasn't the right tool.  In Outlook we were using Public Folders for our Contacts and our Calendar.  Noone has any personal contacts or personal items in their calendar, it's all in the Public Calendar.


I want to import the Public Calendar into ACT! (all of our historic appointments) and can't get it from the Public into ACT!.  What I had to do was make a copy of the Public calendar and put it in my personal calendar and then can update the historic activity into ACT! 


This worked great on my client machine and I thought I was a genius.  Then when I went to another client computer the calendar is just full of my name everywhere because it cam from my personal calendar.  When you look at a month at a glance, all you see is my name.  If you click an appointment then you can see who the contact was but that is not going to work.


Does anyone out there have any suggestions? 

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Re: Import Outlook Public Calendar into ACT!

Correct Outlook is not  a Contact Manager or CRM. The problem that you have is that ACT! has no knowledge of the Outlook contacts, they don't exist in the ACT! database. hence when a name is associated with the Activity it can only be that of the User that did the update from Outlook.


What you need to do is export the contacts from Outlook and import into ACT!.   

Graeme Leo
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