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ID/Status Fields Gone

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ID/Status Fields Gone

Good morning!


Interesting little error going on over here, all of the saved fields within the ID/Status list have mysteriously vanished except for Prospect and Customer.


If I had to guess there were about 20-30 items in there yesterday and now we have 2. I know we can just edit the list and add them all back, I was just wondering what was causing it.

Running: Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Version, Hot Fix 3
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Re: ID/Status Fields Gone

I'm not sure if you are referring to the values being listed in the ID/Status drop-down menu or selections within the field.

If the drop-down is ok, and the values within the field are missing - things I would look for as culprits:
- someone doing updates using the Edit > Replace/Swap/Copy field options.
- synchronization with other applications
Greg Martin