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I can't trust my ACT 9.0 program

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I can't trust my ACT 9.0 program

My program is doing two things that are causing me to lose trust in it:


1.  When I do a Last Name Lookup and receive the results in a Contact List, there are times the name of the first contact is deleted.  This has happened several times.


2.  There are times that I know a contact record is complete (ie name, ph #, email etc) and when I go back to some of them, the phone number  or email is missing and I have to re-enter the information. 


I'm seriously thinking about buying another CRM.  I did try ACT 6.0 approx 3-4 years ago and missing data was a issue with that version so I reverted back to my prior CRM.  The reason I switched is that my CRM before ACT had quit supporting the program.


Any suggestions?


Larry Bass

Denver, CO


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Re: I can't trust my ACT 9.0 program

Larry, sorry to hear that you're seeing these behaviors - I am not familiar with this being a reported issue.


However, something you could do to catch these value changes (for verification) and potentially not lose this information would be to set the "Generate History" checkbox on those fields in Define Fields.  If those field values are indeed changing, you should see History items reflecting that fact and the value changes.

Bill Blakey
ACT! Development Team
Sage Software