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How to sync ACT! 2013 with remote sales people

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How to sync ACT! 2013 with remote sales people

I am using ACT! V16 desktop version and want to have my sales people be able to sync the ACT! on their laptops with the main ACT! database on our server both when they are in the  office and when they are out of the office.  I would like this to be seemless.  Remote syncronization seems to be for satellite offices, not necessrily for sales people who go in and out of the main office network.  Would ACT! "know" when it's in the main office network and when it's remote?  How would this be configured?


Is there an ACT! app that my reps can use on their iPhones and iPads?  Thanks! 

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Re: How to sync ACT! 2013 with remote sales people

It is important to know if the current version is PRO or Premium.  (Additionally I suggest  install Service Pack 1 of ACT! V16 Server and User Computers)


If you use ACT! PRO only be able to synchronize the remote database on the local network.


If you use ACT! Premium will be able to synchronize remote databases via the Internet and Local Network


I have customers in Latin America with remote databases for users in the sales department and also to remote servers in other cities and other countries.


In the synset can be defined if the remote database is for a single user or for multiple users in a remote office to connect to the remote server over the local network.


You can configure the remote databases to automatically synchronize with the server every 3 hours (Example)


Install and implement Synchronization Services on the Server is easy, but I suggest you contact an ACT! expert consultant for this configuration and the Remote Database creation.


Best Regards and good luck.




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