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How to remove contact from GROUPS

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How to remove contact from GROUPS

or remove group(s) from contact...

Please help. I see there is no complete solution regarding this issue as several people asking similar problem.




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Re: How to remove contact from GROUPS

Add/Remove Contacts
When managing groups, you have the option of manually adding and removing static contacts to the group, or creating a dynamic criteria to add and remove contacts automatically. To manually add and remove group members follow the instructions below. For instructions on creating a dynamic criteria to automatically add and remove group members please refer to the section in this document titled, Creating Group Membership Criteria.

  1. Open the Add/Remove Contacts window:
    1. From the Group List or Group Detail views, select the group to add contacts to.
    2. Click the Group menu, point to Group Membership, then click Add/Remove Contacts. The Add/Remove Contacts dialog will appear.
      Click the Contacts button. The Contacts dialog will appear
    3. Click the drop-down menu at the top to Select from: All Contacts, Current Lookup, Groups, or Companies.
    4. To add contacts to a group; click the contacts from the Contacts to select from list on the left, and then click the add button.

      Hint: Hold your Shift key after selecting the first contact in a list of adjacent contact records, and then click the last inclusive contact in the list to select all contact records between. Alternatively you can hold the Ctrl key and click multiple non-adjacent contact records to select them all.

      Note: Using this method, you can only remove contacts from the group that have been either been added manually or through the Add Selected to Group command. Contacts that have been added to the group automatically through a dynamic criteria will not appear on the right (Selected Contacts) side.
    5. Click OK, and then click OK again to close the Add/Remove Contacts dialog.

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Re: How to remove contact from GROUPS

I have a user requirement to remove some contacts from a group which has dynamically defined membership. For example, i've created a group and its membership is defined dynamically (e.g. City = New York). And i also want to remove some of the contacts from this group.


Is it possible to remove specific contacts from a group which has dynamic group membership? 


PS: I'm looking at ACT! 2010, and so far it seems like this is not possible. Is there any 3rd party tool that has such function?

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Re: How to remove contact from GROUPS

I should be possible to write a query for a dynamic group that excluded specific contacts, however, that now makes the group technically non-dynamic so I would suggest making the group non-dynamic rather than trying to work through the dynamic query.
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