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****How to put a picture in a contact ****

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****How to put a picture in a contact ****

Does anyone know Step by Step ow to put a contacts picture in thier contact? Thanks.
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Re: ****How to put a picture in a contact ****

You would do this by adding a PIcture field to your layout:


- Go to Tools/Define Fields. The Define Fields dialog box will open

- Click Create New Field on the left

- Name the field and choose "Picture" as the field data type. Click Finish to save the field. Click Close to exit the dialog box.

- Go to Tools/Design Layouts/Contact. The Layout Designer will open with your current contact layout

- From the toolbox on the left, click Picture Field. The cursor will turn into a "+"

- Move the cursor to the place on the layout you would like the picture to appear and click.

- A field selection dialog box will appear. Choose the Picture field you created earlier.

- Adjust the size of the field by pulling the corners with your mouse cursor. To add a border, right-click on the field and select Properties.

- For additonal properties, make sure the field is selected, then press the F4 button on your keyboard. This will bring up the Properties box on the right.

- Under Behavior in the Properties box, I have found that "StretchImage" or "CenterImage" works best for Size Options. This depends on the size and type of image you will be placing in the field.

- When done, save and close the layout designer

- In the Contact Detail View, you can add an image the picture field by clicking on the field and selecting an image from your files.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: ****How to put a picture in a contact ****

Any possibility to put multiple picture for a contact?


I want to keep photos of an installation in archive.

Thank you
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Re: ****How to put a picture in a contact ****

I find an way by my self, i dont know if its the best technique.

I made a shortcut in the document tab to a specific picture folder.
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Re: ****How to put a picture in a contact ****

Hi Oliver,

Yes, you can create as many Picture fields as you like. You must first define them in Tools > Define fields, and then you can place them on your layout.
Your solution for attaching a shortcut to a pictures folder is also a workable solution.
You could also attach the actual photos to the documents tab of the contact so that they are shared between users.
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Re: ****How to put a picture in a contact ****

Thank you Gary,


You  answered  all my questions.