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How to merge contacts with opportunities

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How to merge contacts with opportunities

Hi Everyone,


I want to know incase there are two contacts of the same person and both of them have opportunties, is it possible to merge the two contacts without the opportunities from any of the two contact getting deleted?


Following are the specifications:

1) Act 2009 (11.0 version)

2) OS: Windows XP

3) The database is being shared from a server


Thanks in advance.

Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: How to merge contacts with opportunities

When merging contacts that have opportunities associated against them will all go to the contact  that you merged into as long as you have opportunities ticked in step 5 of 7 in the copy/move contact data wizard.


To make sure you are happy with the procedure create 2 contacts with the same name, company and phone number. In one create a opportunity and call it test 1, for the other contact call the opportunity test 2 then run Scan for Duplicates from the tools menu and then look at the opportunities tab against the contact that is left.