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How to export data from Impact Suite Calendar extension?

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How to export data from Impact Suite Calendar extension?

Impact Suite has an extended Calendar feature that allows fields to be attached to the underlying Activity via a hidden linking table and a table containing the new fields. From what I can see, a 1:1 relationship is created through the hidden table. I want to take this data and create a separate child table but maintain the relationship (KEYS) that will allow me to keep a link to the activity and possibility the contact.


Could someone please guide me on how to export the data from the Calendar extension table - linked to date of meeting and contact so that I can make another child table? I think the best way to go is to make Contact a parent to a Referral Table (child) and a Data Table (child). The Data Table has unique fields but is linked to an activity (meeting). Ultimately I want to populate a template with data from Contact Table, Referral Table, Data Table (related to an activity). I also have a PsychTests Table that I can access to report a particular Test result on the same Template.

The main issue I am having is getting meaningful data from the existing Calendar extension in Impact Suite. I want to preserve what I have already entered and transfer it to a new child table.



Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps someone.