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How to delete custom address fields?

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How to delete custom address fields?

I'm trying to delete custom address fields I created (Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, City, Country, State, ZIP Code). I'm unable to do so because the "Delete field" option is disabled. Couldn't find anything in the manual or forums about this. Anyone know how to delete these?



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Re: How to delete custom address fields?

Our ACT User Group Meetings have a saying "Don't HIJACK fields" change the label name on layout but that is it.

1. Are you deleting and System Field or CUSTOM field which can't be done.  Goto #4 for steps to see find field details section showing after Created: Date.

2. Do you have Admin rights to perform that function check it from Tools | Manage Users.

3. Try Tools | Database Maintenance | Lock/Unlock

4. Tools | Define Fields check each field properties opening them up to see if Linked to Company field is set and/or Primary Field is checked.