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How to concatentate fileds in Layout

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How to concatentate fileds in Layout

Is it possible to take several fields - all the address fields for example - and display in a single textbox in a Layout. We do not want to edit those fields in that textbox, this idea is just to make it easy to copy and paste an entire address into another application.


 I realise we could do this in a letter or maybe report template, just wondering whether it is possible in the Layout.



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Re: How to concatentate fileds in Layout



It's not possible to do this, but there is a sneaky way to achieve the same thing.


Go to the record you want to copy and click in a field (any). Press Ctrl + C on you keyboard, then go to your other application and Ctrl + V to paste the name, job title, address and phone number and email address in one go.


The order of the pasted information doesn't seem to follow any sort of logic, but it's quick and it works.



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