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How to change Calendar views in ACT!11 ?

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How to change Calendar views in ACT!11 ?

We use ACT with 27 people and recently upgraded from ACT 6 to ACT 11.


The calendar views where not perfect in ACT6 but in ACT11 things got much worse.



We like the banners on top in the weekly view, very useful if people are out of office for holiday or work for more than one day.

BUT the max. no. for the banners seems to be set to FIVE only.

What if 7 people are out of office? Some simply dont show!


Is there any way to see more banners on top? We'd like to have a max. of 20!



In the column to the right (unter the month overview) also only FIVE people show up at the same time. Scrolling to the right brings the next 5, a.s.o.

What a drag if you just want to know which people in your company have certain tasks on that day.


Is there a solution to show more than 5 at a time?


Thank you for any tweak or solution.



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Re: How to change Calendar views in ACT!11 ?

Unfortunately these parts of ACT cannot be customized.  Custom programing or an Addon may help solve your problem.  Here is a link to a calendar add on that may meet your needs.



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Re: How to change Calendar views in ACT!11 ?

Im am sure the Calender Plus addon from Durkin Computing will solve some of your issues, but i would also like to suggest to reconsider using banners for to 'much' purposes, in order to keep a clear view at your calender. Smiley Happy 

Kind regards,

Rene van der Velde
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Re: How to change Calendar views in ACT!11 ?

Thanx for the comments

But I tried the Durkin Calendar, it gave better overview, but it was pretty slow

and the invest for 27 people is quite hefty.


The ACT calendar is quite a showstopper for many of us and we are already considering CRM alternatives to ACT.


The calendar was better in the past but as unflexible as it is, it's now messing up things for us.



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Re: How to change Calendar views in ACT!11 ?

Okay, we can't customize calendars. How about some more templates?  There are several templates BUT several are practically duplicates they are so much alike.