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How to add a "field-changed" date field to layout.

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How to add a "field-changed" date field to layout.



Our company is using Act! 2012 Premium (version and the owner of the company has tasked me with adding a new field to our layout.  This new field needs to be a date field that will record the current date when either Field A or Field B are changed (I can tie it to either field, doesn't have to be both).  I have figured out how to add a new field, but nothing I can find will do what I am being asked for.


Any and all help is appreciated.






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Re: How to add a "field-changed" date field to layout.

What you want would require a custom add on program.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: How to add a "field-changed" date field to layout.

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Hi bblanton,


Roy is correct, to add such a date into the layout would require a custom addon. However you can acheive date logging of field changes in a contact's history out of the box.


In Tools > Define Fields, you can select a field and enable the option to Generate History to leave a history record when the feild is edited.




Act!_2016-06-14_11-55-20.pngExample history left by adding text into the previously blank field

You can find more info on editing fields in the following Knowledgebase article: