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How to Modify Secondary Contact Required Fields?

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How to Modify Secondary Contact Required Fields?

I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to modify the Secondary Contact required fields. So far, every time we add a Secondary Contact, under the Business Address it needs the Address, City, State and Zip. Is it possible to change the setting so that if we don't fill out the business address info we don't get the red error alert? What if the Secondary Contact address info is the same as the Primary? Tell me this is editable somewhere!?! When I try to edit the main template, the New Secondary Contact button is not there. Thanks in advance.



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Re: How to Modify Secondary Contact Required Fields?

Hello Jon,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


Which version of ACT! are you working with?  I've tested this in ACT! 2011 and can't reproduce the situation (entering address line causes additional fields to be required).



Greg Martin
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Re: How to Modify Secondary Contact Required Fields?

You need to check the allow blank on the primary Address, City, State and postcode fields
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Re: How to Modify Secondary Contact Required Fields?

You've stumbled upon one of the interesting little designs decisions of ACT!...


When you add a secondary contact, you are actually creating a record in the contact table - i.e. - the same place that "normal" contact records go.


You apparently have unchecked "Allow Blank" for one or more if your Contact address fields.  As the prior post mentions, you will want to go into the Define Fields tool and check the settings for the address fields and turn "Allow Blank" back on for which ever are not checked...


This is another reason why you might just as well create a "real" contact and forgo the Secondary Contacts "feature", as the limits in functionality for Secondary Contacts (no custom fields, no history or notes, etc,) are typically not outweighed by any benefit whatsoever