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How to Disable Outlook -Email Attachment to ACT!

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How to Disable Outlook -Email Attachment to ACT!



We have ACT! 2011 Premium. We have a user with her email account on 2 machines currently.   Her original  Outlook2007 emails were on the server and they attached to ACT,. Now she is on a remote that attaches her emails to ACT, and then she syncs to the server.  We need to disable the emails from her first Outlook account on the server so they don't attach the to database. I am uncertain on the proper steps to do this.


Do I just delete the rule that  attaches the ACT! Address book, from the server's Outlook account? Do I do anything in ACTs' preferences for the Server machine?


Thank you so much!


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Re: How to Disable Outlook -Email Attachment to ACT!

If there is an Outlook rule automatically attaching in-bound emails, definitely disable or delete that rule. 


To remove the integration completely, you'll want to remove the ACT! Address Book from Outlook.  In Outlook 2007: Tools > Account Settings > Address Books tab > select ACT! Address Book and Remove.


Within ACT! on the server, you can certainly go through Preferences (Email setup) and remove the Outlook integration.  If you leave it in place, you will still be able to send through Outlook (but it won't record if the address book is removed from Outlook).

Greg Martin