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How to Attach Outlook 365 email to a Company Record

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How to Attach Outlook 365 email to a Company Record



I have recently moved from a very outdated ACT! desktop, to ACT Premium.


Am wanting to attach emails to a company record - which I could do on my desktop version.


I have searched these forums (most related topics are a few years old now), YouTube Videos (again, seem to be outdated) and the Quick Start Guide linked from the Help in ACT! and the best I could find was instructions on how to 'Sync' ACT with Outlook (which I did try but couldn't get to work and the instructions I found and used either weren't basic enough for me or they were outdated?)


1. Is it possible to Attach emails (from Outlook 365 preferably) to a Company Record in Act! (Web) Version:, Update 2?
1b. If so, would appreciate it if someone can point me in the direction of instructions on how to do this that apply to my versions.


2. If not possible to Attach individual emails to a Company Record, would appreciate some good / current instructions on how to 'Sync' - and I will give this a go.


Appreciate any help at all Smiley Happy




  • Act! (Web) Version:, Update 2
  • Windows 8 and windows 10 operating systems (I use it on both)
  • Outlook 365