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How does ACT/SQL work with the attachments folder? Fixing large files in attachments problem.

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How does ACT/SQL work with the attachments folder? Fixing large files in attachments problem.

Please refer to the link below for more detail of why I need to know.


I've learned a ton over the last 5 days and nights with 4 hours of sleep each night. LOL  Refer to the link below if you need or want more info.  I will be adding more to it with the tests that I have run to figure out the best solution. Goal:  Move my current DB to a new server and rid myself of the large file attachment issues at the same time.


Q:  I need someone who knows the backend (SQL).  How does it work with the attachments folder?


a) If I choose to do a backup without attachments, restore that backup, then simply move the attachments folder over to the newly restored databse folder, does ACT maintain the links?  Does it still associate the docs with the proper contact?  If so, how?  How is that possible?  This is very important because I just did a backup without attachments. it took minutes. When I do it with attachments, it takes several hours. And then, it is difficult to get the backup across a data line.


b) ACT/SQL clearly cannot rely 100% on the file name and path to track the attachments. If it does, then it must add characters to the file name in order to tie it to a different contact a file is attached that has the exact same name as an existing attachment that might belong to another contact. We all know you can't have two file names the same in the same folder.


c) If I re-index, does that remove the links/"tie backs" to those files" if I had deleted the documents out of the attached folders?  Or, does SQL/ACT keep those links in the tables so that if the exact same file shows up, it will be reattached to that contact?  I need to know because I followed the ACT support instructions by removing the large files. Since then, I have learned how easy it is to downsize the PDF files all at once while keeping them in the same attachments directory. I regret moving them out and deleting them. But, I have yet to reindex. So, I'm hoping I can put them back, reduce their size, and move on dot com! 


Hopefully someone can help me understand the relationship design of ACT and attachments.  Your help would be much appreciated! 


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