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How do I migrate opportunity stages

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How do I migrate opportunity stages

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We have simplified the Stages within our Opportunity Process and therefore several Stages can now be deleted. However it won't let me delete them because they are already in use, however with thousands of opportunities in the database it is not practical to manually change edit the Stage to one of the new ones.


I would normally use the replace field option but it doesn't look like you can use it on the Stage field. Any ideas how I can replace the Stage we want to delete with another one?


We are using ACT Premium v18.2.53.0 Update 4.

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Re: How do I migrate opportunity stages

Hi Sam,


Unfortunately, you're right. There's no easy way to replace these stages en masse, as they are permanently linked fields.


I would recommend you create a new Opportunity Process with the simplified Stages, then rename the existing Process to show it is not to be used going forward, i.e. "Old - Sales Process". You can then additionally uncheck the "Active" checkbox on the Process.

This will allow you to have a new Process list with only the simplified Stages, while retaining your old data. If anyone accidentally selects the old Process, they will be prompted that it's inactive.