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How do I make a database smaller without deleting things from anywhere?

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How do I make a database smaller without deleting things from anywhere?

I have posted on here before about premium 2012 (as well as the past versions) running really slow due to my huge database.  I've tested a back up of the database by deleting out all activites older than a year and any contact we don't use, (but don't want to delete as they get our newsletter, may come back one day etc).  This fixes the problem and it runs nice and quick, however it is not an option to delete this off the actual database and only have it as a back up.  


Is it possible to purchase another user and have the user we use the entire time only displaying the last year of activities and contacts that are current clients.  So this way the database will be a fraction of the size and run fast? And every week or so when we need the other data for a few minutes we could log on as the other user, or just have this user on a different computer?  


Or is there away we could only have certain groups syncing to the user that we want to only have access to the bare minumum number of contacts and only the last years activities? Ideally I'd like to avoid the remote sync option as I currently use this for my lap top on the weekends and it is a bit unstable and has a delay between syncs of course.


I am assuming however this is done the end result must be that the computer we want to run  ACT really fast on must be a smaller database, ie not a large database that only gives us access to a small part?


Any ideas, add on programs etc on the best way to do this would be great thanks!



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Re: How do I make a database smaller without deleting things from anywhere?

How big is your database:
How many Contacts, Companies, Groups?
How big is the ADF file (in MB)?
How many files in the Attachments supplemental files folder?

What machine is it running on:
What operating system?
How much RAM?
What speed hard drives (in RPM)?
What other services (eg Exchange) on the server?

What specific functions do you see the performance issue?

Is it multi-user?
If so, do all users have the same issue?
Server and workstations?
Is the server dedicated or is it being used as workstation by a user also?
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Re: How do I make a database smaller without deleting things from anywhere?

Hi Mike,


Thanks for the help, we have:


8000 contacts

No companies

20 or so groups

ADF file is 855MB

Attachments 1.7GB (we only recently started having lots of attachments and it does not seem to have slowed it)

We schedule and then clear about 20,000+ activities a year (Personal Training appointments), mostly recurring (yes these are essential to have these done like this)


Computer specs are Acer Veriton X4610G - Intel Core i5 2400 (3.1Ghz), 4GB (2 x 2GB), 1TB, DVDRW, Win 7. It's brand new and bought mainly to run ACT fast and hardly has anythign else on it.  It is about 20% faster with ACT than my old computer and 20% than my Dell Vostro lap top in syncs to that I use it on on weekends from home.


ACT 2012 is substantially slower than ACT 2009 which I upgraded from, which is dissapointing as I had been told 2012 would be faster?


It takes about 3.5-4.5 seconds to change to the next day and about 7 seconds to clear an activity

In experiement with this file backed up for tests, then deleting out any history, activities etc older than a year it takes 2.5 seconds to change days and 1.5 seconds to go to a contact.


I've tried various odds and ends people have said over time but nothing seems to make a substantial improvement, hence my idea to have the smaller version of the database on one computer but still linked or synced to the full size one so we still have the full database available immediately.  This is the only thing I've come across that will give it a substantial improvement.


Any ideas on how to do this or any other tips to double the speed would be great thanks.