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How do I display Sales Opportunity changes in Record History?

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How do I display Sales Opportunity changes in Record History?

We have used Act for over ten years and today switched from Act Premium 2009 to Act Premium 2013. In the old version, when you created or closed a sales opportunity, Act would automatically write a note to the "History" page for that contact.  


For Example:      "Opportunity Won       New Opportunity $950.00 Closed - Won"


This was very helpful because it enabled you to see changes to sales opportunities in context with all the sales activities for that contact (for example, you could see that the sales rep had a number of contacts with the customer over a number of months and then a sale came in). Put another way, when a sale comes in, that's an important event in our relattionship with the customer and I want to be able to see that information in the Contact History.   


As far as I can tell, with Act Premium 2013 when you update a Sales Opportunity, the change is NOT reflected in the Contact History. Instead, it is placed in a separate Sales Opportunity History. Totaly different section, several clicks away from the cutomer history.


Is there a way to fix this? Perhaps other companies use Act in a completely different way and find this change helpful. But, for the way we use Act, this change makes absolutely no sense. I can have our sales reps manually create a history every time they close a sale. But, this seems like a waste of time and sloppy data (since you have to enter as a contact activity the Result.appears as "Appointment Completed" instead of "Opportuity Won."    




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Re: How do I display Sales Opportunity changes in Record History?

I do not believe you can change the default action but what you might consider is to create a custom activity type and then use this as a record history option. It would be possible to then automate this to be the default action when doing a record history or instead of appointment completed click on the dropdown list and select your opportunity one. 


With a bit of fiddeling you can get what you require into histor on both the opportunity and linked contact. Send me an email offline for further questions if this is applicable

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Re: How do I display Sales Opportunity changes in Record History?

It's been noted elsewhere that it seems that there have been changes to the way various system update histories are being written...