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How can I search for companies with certain criteria?

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How can I search for companies with certain criteria?

To whom it may concern:


I need to add the following information to our ACT Premium 2008.

Company Name / Contact name/ Contact E-mail/ Address/ City/ Zip Code/ Phone/ Minority owned/ Hospitality and about 20 other categories. (CAN I DO THIS, is their a category limit?)


Then I am going to need to access the list by different criterias. Sometimes I am gonna have to print out files by ZIP CODE/ CITY & HOSPITALITY and other times with other criteria. I was wondering if it's possible to select the amount of criterias you need to find the companies? And if possible can you teach me how to do this?


Thank you so much for you help!


Nadja Holtz

Mila International Company


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Re: How can I search for companies with certain criteria?

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Hello Nadja,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


It sounds like you want to update the Contact Detail view to include these criteria (you can also update the Company view if desired).  For your situation, it would probably be easiest if you create a new field for each of the criteria and then add them to the layout.  This way you can perform Lookups for each of the fields or set a sort pattern using the Edit menu > select Sort.


Here is an article with the steps to create new fields: KB Article 15335

Here is an article with the steps for designing your layout: KB Article 15332


Additionally, once the fields are in place - you can add them to the Contact List view (View menu > Customize Columns), where you can sort them by individual fields by clicking on the column heading.

Greg Martin